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 The Air Transportation Problem
 NASA - Future Flight Design

NASADear Students:

NASA is asking for your help to solve an air transportation problem.

  • Crowded roads make it difficult to get to the airport.
  • At the airport, flights are often delayed. Current runways and air systems can't handle the growing number of people and goods that need to travel by air.

Do the research and come up with a solution to the air transportation problem. Your solution must protect the environment from noise and other sources of pollution.

Good luck and thank you for your assistance in solving this problem.NASA Official

Design icon 1. Print the Student Design Log (PDF file).
  Roles icon 2. Select a role for each team member.
  Write icon 3. Write questions in your Student Design Log.
  Research icon 4. Conduct research.
  Solution icon 5. Design a solution.
NASA - Future Flight Design